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Volunteer Opportunities

Event Greeter

A Zoom event greeter volunteer is a person who welcomes attendees and helps them navigate a virtual event or meeting on the Zoom video conferencing platform. The Goals is to have a pool of Greeters that would Commit to Events based on their Weekly Schedule.

Zoom Admin

We are seeking a Zoom Admin Volunteer to support our online meetings and events. The Zoom Admin Volunteer will be responsible for facilitating virtual meetings, troubleshooting technical issues, and providing technical support to presenters, hosts, and attendees. Operator (Live Translation Support)

SPF.IO is a live captioning and translation platform that helps churches and other organizations create an inclusive environment for people of all languages and abilities. An SPF.IO operator is a person who is responsible for operating and managing the SPF.IO platform during an event or service.

Wix Administrator

A Wix volunteer is a person who helps build and maintain websites using the Wix website building platform. The vision for this role is to choose items from a Que to Complete according to the time they have available each week.

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