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I have Completed a Volunteer Form

Wix Administrator

Technical & Production Teams

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I have Completed a Volunteer Form


A Wix volunteer is a person who helps build and maintain websites using the Wix website building platform. The vision for this role is to choose items from a Que to Complete according to the time they have available each week.

Time Commitment

1 to 3 Hours per Week, Que Based Support


Experience with website design and development using the Wix platform.

Hardware/Software Required

Software and Devices
Wix supports the following desktop browsers for viewing and editing sites.
Google Chrome (version 92 and above)
Safari for Mac (version 14 and above)
Microsoft Edge (version 100 and above)
Firefox (version 91 and above)

Key Responsibilties

Website Design:
Assist with design and website updates using the Wix platform. This may include choosing and customizing templates, creating pages, adding images and videos, and optimizing the website for search engines.

Website Maintenance: Monitor and maintain the website to ensure that it is functioning properly, updating content and images as needed, and making any necessary design changes or updates.

Technical Support: Provide technical support to the organization or individual to address any issues that may arise with the website, such as broken links or incorrect information.

SEO Optimization: Optimize the website for search engines by using relevant keywords, adding meta descriptions, and optimizing page titles and headers.

Security Management: Ensure that the website is secure by regularly backing up data and implementing security features such as SSL certificates.

Training and Documentation: Provide training and documentation to the organization or individual on how to use and maintain the website.

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