Image by Aaron Burden



The United Community Church believes the Bible does not teach that for you to have a relationship with Jesus and belong to the community of believers, you have to check your any part identity at the door. Instead, Jesus invites you to bring your whole self into a relationship with Jesus and the community of believers. 

When you view a service, join a virtual group, or commit to serving and giving, we want you to do so with the expectation that your identity will be welcome, appreciated, and represented. 


The mission of United Community Church is to make Followers of Jesus

by Building, Enabling, Growing, and Displaying a Unified Community.


Our vision is that every person and community would know Jesus

by witnessing and experiencing His Unified family.


Everyone deserves to experience the love of Jesus,

the kind of love evidenced by Unity. 

Image by Chris Montgomery



A digital church uses the latest technology to create a unified community of believers that may be isolated physically. Still, it can connect and care for one another digitally and use technology to display the unity that Jesus says is the evidence to the world that Jesus is the Son of God. 


Several days after Jesus prayed for unity, the Bible gives us a glimpse of unity. There was a gathering of people of different genders, ages, and languages from Africa, Asia, and Europe in Jerusalem. Through the words of one of Jesus’ disciples, they understood the gospel, believed in Jesus and started praising God. 

We believe that technology helps us remove barriers to the unity Jesus prayed for, and the Bible describes. Jesus said that Unity is How the World will know God sent Jesus, and we are followers. So the Vision that God has given me is to plant a church and lead a community of believers that Makes Followers of Jesus by Displaying Unity in Community.