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January 2023 Newsletter

Thank You

Thank you so much for your prayers and support this past month. We had a great turnout at our "12-Month Countdown to Launch" event. I highlighted how this event was a milestone in our church planting journey by officially moving from the "I" and "me" to the "you" and "we."

"I" and the "Me"

When planting a church, the beginning is focused on getting the planter ready to plant. I have been preparing through training, research, and building support networks. I am constantly praying for you and everyone God wants to bless and grow through participating in the United Community Church.

"You" and the "We"

Now is the time I will reach out to everyone I know and share the vision of United Community Church and help them discern how God wants to bless them and grow their faith through participating in this church plant. God loves you and wants to bless you and help you become more like Jesus, participating in expanding his kingdom on earth and in heaven. We would love to help you discover your next step.

What's my Next Step?

Please select one of the options below:

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