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Supporting Kingdom Impact

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If you are new to the Newsletter family, welcome! Our monthly newsletter is designed to keep you informed, inspired, and engaged with the work we are doing to prepare for the start of the United Community Church community. 


Quick Message from Pastor Steven:

Hello Newsletter Family,

We are thrilled to present the newest edition of our quarterly newsletter, showcasing five impactful ways you are contributing to our community. This edition celebrates our progress, highlights your incredible impact, and outlines our exciting future plans. 

In recent months, we've engaged in meaningful discussions with Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), launched the inspiring "Living in the Community" bible study series, crafted a new member pathway, and submitted a grant application to the Center of Congregations to further our Kingdom Impact.

We are eager to share these updates with you and look forward to your ongoing support and participation in our community.

Warm regards,

Pastor Steven Zapolski


Celebrating Kingdom Growth

Community Expansion

Our community continues to grow, with individuals seeking to join us from around the globe, including Pakistan, Kenya, and Nigeria.

New Bible Study Series: "Living in the Community"

The launch of our new bible study series, "Living in the Community," has been met with enthusiasm and engagement from our congregation. This series explores our faith journey and its relationship with community, sparking thought-provoking discussions and insights.

Developing Partnerships

Building Relationships with MCC

Our ongoing meetings with Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) have provided valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration. Conversations with Rev. Wanda, Rev. Dexter, and Rev. Cathy have deepened our understanding of each other's communities, strengthening our commitment to fostering strong relationships within the broader faith community.

Expanding Our Reach

New Newsletter Subscribers and Prayer Partners

We're excited to welcome new subscribers to our newsletter! Share our newsletter with others to invite them to join our community and become prayer partners.

Share it with your friends and family:

Verbatim: "Hey Katie! I hope you're doing well. I wanted to share some exciting news - my friends Steven and Tamika have started a new digital church! I'd love for you to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with what God is doing as they continue to grow this new church community.

Verbatim: "Hey Katie! I hope everything's going great with you. I wanted to share some exciting news - we're expanding our prayer team! If you have a heart for prayer and would like to join us in lifting up our community and church in prayer, we'd love to have you on board. Your prayers are powerful and can make a real difference. Click the link to join our prayer team and stay updated with how God is working through our prayers!"

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Grant Application to the Center of Congregations

In an exciting development for our church, we've submitted a grant application to the Center of Congregations. This initiative aims to strengthen our community outreach and engagement efforts through two key areas:

  • Congregational Giving and Financial Outside Support Consulting: We're exploring new avenues for congregational giving and seeking external financial support. With expert consulting, we aim to develop effective strategies and systems to improve our financial sustainability and ensure the longevity of our mission.

  • Digital Engagement Consulting and Platform Development: Recognizing the importance of digital connectivity, we plan to enhance our digital engagement strategies. From social media to Google ads, and the design of a user-friendly platform, these efforts will help us reach a wider audience and foster meaningful connections within and beyond our church walls.

New Members Pathway

Get ready for our First Steps and Discovery quest registration opening in the next few weeks! This pathway is designed to help new members explore and engage with our community.

Next Steps

  • Join - Connect with us by visiting our contact page.

  • Pray - Join us in prayer for our community and beyond. Visit our contact page for prayer requests.

  • Give - Support our community by partnering with us financially. Give here!

  • Serve - Volunteer and make a difference in our community. Sign up here!

  • Share - Help us spread the word about our community. Subscribe and share our updates on social media here.

As we look ahead, the possibilities for United Community Church are filled with excitement and promise. We anticipate continued growth and engagement within our community as we deepen our relationships with MCC and other partners. The outcome of our grant application will be pivotal in shaping our future initiatives and programs.

In closing, we express heartfelt gratitude to all our members and friends for your unwavering support and dedication. Your involvement and commitment motivate us to pursue excellence in all aspects of our work. Together, we will continue to cultivate a robust and compassionate community that embodies the love and teachings of our faith.


United Community Church

Expand our Kingdom Impact by inviting others to join our newsletter family!

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