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April 2023 Newsletter

Pastor Steven, his wife Dr. Tamika Zapolski, and their 3 children.

9 Months and Counting

Thank you for your prayers and support this past month. Can you believe it? We only have 9 months left until our first week of services! This month, I want to keep you informed, inspired, and connected with the work we're doing to get ready for the start of the United Community Church.


April Highlights

12-month church planting journey

5 phases to launch or start the church Jan - Feb 2024
PHASE I - Completed!

We completed the first phase of our 12-month church planting journey! During the 12-month countdown Event this past February, I highlighted that the event was a pivotal moment where God was moving the focus from preparing the "me" and "we" to preparing the "you" and the "us" so that we start a new church community where the world could experience a unified, accessible, diverse, and digital community where everyone can experience the love of Jesus and connect.

PHASE II: Setting the DNA

We've entered Phase II of our 12-month journey, where we're working on establishing the culture of our community. We're inviting people to support, join, or share about our new church community. We want to create a place where everyone can experience and see the love of Jesus through a diverse, welcoming, and unified community of followers.

Setting the Foundation

It is hard to believe we are less than 9 months away from our first worship service and less than 9 weeks away from starting our first 6-week weekly bible study for those who want to be part of the new church community!

My hope and prayer are that before our first meeting in July, we will have the support structure we need to show this new community that we are and can continue to be an accessible community from leadership to congregational care. We can be united while fully expressing our faith through our diverse identities. We can display our unity through multilingual events, core team meetings, and training.

Jesus Said that by our unity, the world will know that Jesus belongs to God. That we belong to Jesus and the gospel we preach is true (John 17:20-23).

Diverse Community

We tested a multilingual meeting app that allows us to embrace our diversity in languages, just like in the story of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13) when 3,000 people were saved!

Interview with Pastor Steven, Jeya So and Daniel So
Unified Community

Interviewed Pastor Jeya So and Daniel So, providing diverse perspectives on church planting, pastoring, and unity in light of those of us who feel "othered" due to racial, ethnic, or generational gaps in the body of Christ and Society at large.

Accessible Community

We held our Monthly Information Event, which was accessible to everyone. I shared the vision and mission of our church, inviting people to join and support the United Community Church. We also had a Quarterly Board Meeting and individual Sharing Sessions, all designed to be accessible and multilingual.

Diverse Representation

One of our important goals is to start as a diverse and inclusive church right from the beginning. That's why our social media posts intentionally feature people of different skin colors, languages, ages, and abilities. And people are noticing!

Picture of person who left quote

"When I see your Facebook posts, it's not only in English, it's also in Tagalog and Spanish. I see when you have your information events, and you also make it accessible through because I saw it on social media; that's why I know what UCC is about; you are already showcasing diversity from the start from how you are trying to build it ...... I really support what you're doing, with the vision and the mission and what you are about; I will definitely attend a church service next year when you open."


Upcoming Events

July 2023


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