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I'm excited to share that I'm very close to completing our long-awaited Navigating Digital Ministry training agenda for Pastors and Church Leaders. After embarking on a 5-year journey in digital church planning, I wanted to provide a pastor's perspective on navigating digital ministry.

We plan to open pre-registration on Sunday, August 27, 2023, during our Information and Celebration Event. This course will focus exclusively on Navigating Digital Ministry and Building Your Pastoral Toolkit. It will include:

  • Three one-hour sessions with live Q&A

  • Access to the recorded sessions


However, I need your assistance. Before I finalize everything and promote the event to a larger audience, I want to make sure we cover topics that matter most to you. That's where you come in.


Please spare a few minutes to answer this brief survey. What are your top two questions about Navigating Digital Ministry that we must address in our course?


Thank you for your input!"

Thank you for your submission!

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